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Moi Avenue Primary was started in 1938. It was by then a girls school. It later changed to mixed primary school known as Government Road Primary School. In 1978 It changed its name to Moi Avenue.

The school infrastructure especially the administration block is a historic monument constructed in the year 1900.It was used as an administrative office during E.A.P (East African Protectorate). The building is therefore very old. It needs to be rehabilitated but still retain its historic features.

The school was taken as a centre of excellence and therefore benefited from E.S.P funds of 3.5 million.There has been an improvement. Classes which were dilapidated have new roofs, floors screaded and also painted. Boys toilets which had stalled have been completed providing sanitation. Two unused rooms have been rehabilitated and are now serving as a dinning hall.




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Am glad to have the school community with us and I officially welcome you to our website.

We promote the excellency, integrity and good …

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 Science Department

This department is headed by Mrs.Asiema it involves practicals 


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